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Trade and invest freely from anywhere on the planet with JM TRADE online platform using high-tech functionality, speed and profitability of the terminal.

Caring for our clients, our company makes every effort to optimize the trading processes and services provided.

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For your convenient and effective trading, we have developed and implemented a new online platform. Use all the capabilities of the terminal and make profit with minimal risks.

Platform - Web Platform
Platform WebPlatform

The main advantages of the JM TRADE online platform are:

  • Wide range of tools

    There are 350+ trading instruments on the platform, among them the most popular stocks and indices, precious metals and energy products. After defining your working portfolio, you can add favorite tools to your favorites, where a convenient working system was specially designed for users of the platform.

  • Timely risk management

    Fix profits and limit possible losses at the most appropriate time. JM TRADE online platform provides an opportunity for more convenient work with market orders. The functions of working with charts and order management tools provide quick and effective monitoring of your positions and allow you to set Stop loss and Take profit directly on the chart!

  • All transactions are under control

    On the platform, you can work with open and closed deals, limit orders, besides that, viewing all trades on the same instrument will help keep the entire trading process under control and take into account the result of already completed transactions, analyze the work history and build your own trading strategy.