Welcome bonus 30%

JM trade gives a welcome bonus on your first deposit. This means that when you open an account, you are eligible to receive up to US $ 1,500 for Standard account, up to US $ 3,000 for Gold and US $ 10,000 for VIP Account.

Pay attention: the campaign is time limited.

Campaign conditions:

  • Debiting from the deposit is possible only after the obtaining of transaction volume by 10,000 times that exceeds the bonus amount. If the funds are debited before fulfilling this condition, the entire amount of the bonus will have to be returned (including income received by a bonus) and the account to be closed. The calculation of the total volume is made taking into account the leverage.

  • Bonuses are credited upon receipt of all required documents confirming the identity of the client.

  • The company reserves the right to terminate the campaign at any time.

  • When processing the bonus, the volume of transactions opened in different directions is not taken into account.

  • If there is no activity on the trading account over a period of more than three months, the company has the right to debit the bonus money.

  • In the case of suspected fraud with generation or use of the bonus, the bonus can be withdrawn and a trading result – cancelled.

  • For special clients there can be higher bonuses. Please ask the manager of the company for details.

  • For bonus amounts up to $10,000, the minimum volume requirement is calculated using the formula: (bonus amount) x 10,000.

  • In order to validate the volume requirements each position must be opened for a period of 4 minutes, minimum.

  • Client will have a period up to 60 days to complete the minimum volume requirement. Beyond this period if the volume has not been completed, the bonus amount will be withdrawn from client’s account balance.

Withdrawal Policy

  • To accept any withdrawal, no open position should be active, in case of active positions the withdrawal request will be rejected automatically.

  • Accounts with credits (Bonus), clients may withdraw the profits generated by their trading are eligible for withdrawal, the amount should exceed the total deposit + bonus. Example: (Deposit $1000) + (Bonus $1000) = Equity of $2000 Any amount above $2000 is a profit and eligible for withdrawal, minimum amount to process a withdrawal = $50

  • If a client wishes to withdraw from his initial deposit, the bonus will be removed, and the client will forfeit %50 of any profits generated. Example: (Deposit $1000) + (Bonus $1000) = Equity of $2000 If trading profit generated is $500, his equity will be $2500. Client submitted a withdrawal request of $1000 ($500 profit + $500 from initial deposit).

  • Bonus will be removed = $2500 - $1000 = $1500 (Equity)

  • Forfeiting %50 of profit generated = $500 * %50 = $250

  • Forfeiting %50 of profit generated = $500 * %50 = $250

  • $1250 will be transferred to the client.